Our planet and its natural resources are put to the test. Tractebel pools all its resources to advise and offer its clients on a broad portfolio of sustainable energy solutions.


  • we offer clients vast expertise in renewable energy solutions (hydro, wind, solar, marine, geothermal,  biomass);
  • we suggest clients to incorporate clean technologies when opting for gas or coal fired thermal energy solutions (cogeneration, repowering, combined cycle power stations, CO2  capture and storage…);
  • we aim to rationalize the energy and raw materials consumption of our client’s installations;
  • we manage all environmental impacts for all our projects and provide carbon management in some cases
  • our contributions to nuclear energy  projects are assessed for safety at every step of the process.                   


  • we offer clients a global view on sustainable building. By guiding the entire project process we lower energy demand;
  • we offer valuable help in assessing the ecological impact of mobility solutions. In doing so, we contribute to a sustainable living environment.

Tractebel also encourages and motivates its employees to lower their ecological footprint by making small changes to their professional and personal life.