Tractebel shares the vision of the ENGIE Group on ethics & compliance. This policy forms the basis of our day-to-day strategic decisions and professional practices.

Our core belief? A sustainable company can only be an ethical company.

Together with ENGIE we base our ethics and compliance policy on four simple and specific principles of action:

  • Acting in accordance with laws and regulations Whatever the circumstances, our employees must observe international, federal, national and local laws and the professional codes of practice applicable to their activities. 
  • Establishing a culture of integrity Integrity is about avoiding all conflict between personal interests and Tractebel’s interests. It creates a climate of trust and acts as a shield against corrupt practices. 
  • Behaving fairly and honestly Whenever our employees communicate, within the company or with other parties, they do so in good faith and in a constructive mindset, with the intention of providing genuine, accurate and comprehensive information. 
  • Respecting others We respect the rights of individuals, their dignity and their differences, as well as diversity of cultures. This idea also applies to tangible and intangible goods belonging to others. 

Tractebel is the very first company in Belgium to receive ETHIC Intelligence certification. Click here for more information.

If you would like to know more about our ethic principles and ethics governance, you can download the ENGIE Ethics in the language of your choice.