02-Certification-Policy-DNV_featuredTractebel is the very first company in Belgium to receive ETHIC Intelligence certification. The certificate was awarded following a rigorous independent evaluation of an on-site audit report and demonstrates our enduring commitment to prevent corruption through our compliance policy on business consultants.

Tractebel’s Anti-corruption Compliance Policy on business consultants was evaluated against ETHIC Intelligence terms of reference and with regard to our company’s specific risk in this area.

The certificate is valid from 3 December 2014 through to 2 December 2016. More information about this certificate and its authenticity can be found by following this link to the website of ETHIC Intelligence.

Tractebel’s decision to apply for this certificate echoes our commitment to reinforce and improve our third-party policy to prevent corruption.

Click on the images below to view the certificate or the “decision of award and registration”:




 Decision of award_smallCertificate_small