As an engineering company, Tractebel (ENGIE) delivers expertise, not products. The knowledge of our people – our true assets – and their capable minds make all the difference. It is their talent that allows us to offer our clients state-of-the-art solutions, and to strive for ever-higher levels of excellence.


At Tractebel, you become part of what is truly a global family. We have regional offices in twelve countries, and we manage projects in over 80. Over the past few years, we have strongly expanded our international scope. And we are committed to extending our presence to other promising markets as well.

Many of our colleagues are involved in international projects, off as well as on-site. What’s more, our exchange programs allow engineers to work abroad on a dedicated project for a determined period of time. In doing so, our people develop technical, behavioral as well as language skills while creating a professional network.

For Tractebel, this international mobility strengthens our global network. For you, it is a personal and professional enrichment you wouldn’t want to miss.


The world is constantly changing, and so are our customers’ challenges. Forever evolving, their project requirements are also becoming more stringent. Tractebel is up for the job.

As an engineering company, we like to take up technical challenges. And we search for new groundbreaking solutions. These are born out of the talent, the enthusiasm and the expertise of our employees. It is thanks to the creativity of people like yourself that we are at the forefront of technical innovation.

A major part of our distinctively innovative drive is geared towards the development of sustainable and cleaner solutions for our customers. At Tractebel, you can play a leading role in engineering a green future.