If you apply for a job in engineering, a Masters in Engineering Sciences is essential. The possible orientations within that field are numerous: mechanics, electro mechanics, physics, electricity, applied mathematics, automation, chemistry, nuclear engineering as well as construction.

The demands for a position in one of our support divisions (Communication, Sales & Marketing, HR, etc.) are different for every type of job opening.

Tractebel has regional offices in Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Czech Republic, France, India, Italy, Panama, Poland, Romania, Thailand and U.A.E. Depending on your specific situation, you will work at one of these offices, on a local project site, or even from your home.

Tractebel develops projects of all kinds related to Energy, Water and Infrastructure. We play a part throughout the entire life-cycle of these projects.

If you are an engineer, your work will depend on the nature of the project and on your function within the project: guiding, with other members of your team, the conceptual phase through exhaustive feasibility studies; or taking part in any of the many related aspects of design, purchasing, realization, management and the follow-up of a project; or, once the installation is fully operational, assisting clients with routine operation and maintenance support; or, finally, at the very end of an installation’s life-cycle, you could have a role to play in its decommissioning.

As a member of one of our support divisions, your work will be equally diverse, depending on the specific job description.

Tractebel fosters a culture of constant development. Throughout your entire career you will have access to the Tractebel School. A great number of training courses helps you to gain advanced knowledge in business (power, gas, nuclear, etc.), behavioral (from interpersonal communication to strategic thinking and leadership) and functional (languages skills, QHSE, IT tools, etc.) topics.

At Tractebel, we want to feed your career ambitions. That is why we provide the possibility to progress and evolve internally (between different departments) and externally (between the different companies within the ENGIE Group).

As an engineer just starting out, you’ll begin your career in the right channel of expertise, within one of our competence centers. Then, according to your aptitude and interests, you will be able to choose the path towards becoming an expert in your field, or redirect towards project management or even, at a later stage, take the managerial channel.

Opportunities for people working in our support divisions are no less.

Tractebel is an international company involved in a lot of international projects. Many of our people go abroad for short, medium or long-term missions. If you are interested, another beneficial possibility is expatriation, either within one of our various regional offices, or according to the projects developed by the company.

Yes we do. You can find our current openings here.