When you join Tractebel  you write the first chapter of a thrilling story in your career path. You will start out in a specific field:

    • Engineering expertise: our experts produce the studies that are necessary to complete a project, defining variables such as the deliverables and the investment costs. They advise clients on their technical choices, follow-up implementation and come up with innovative tools and solutions.
    • Project management: our project managers guarantee the efficient execution of complex projects in terms of quality, costs and timing. They supervise preliminary project studies and/or construction projects on-site.
    • People management: our people managers with an engineering background generally lead a specific competence center. A competence center is a pool of experts from which expertise can be sourced by our project managers. People managers are responsible for their team’s daily management, its strategy and its development.
    • Operational support: our people in Sales, Purchasing, Finance, IT, Human Resources or Communication are reliable contributors to our business. They supplement our day-to-day operation within their special area of expertise.

You can evolve to excel in your specific field, or you can move on towards new fields and other environments to further broaden your horizons. We take pride in being able to offer you new challenges during your career.


Because of our international scope and exchange programs you will collaborate with people from many different cultural backgrounds. Diversity is in our DNA, and we cherish it as a wonderful enrichment on so many levels.

Teamwork is also in our DNA! We are working in an industry where problems require a multidisciplinary solution that calls for interaction between experts from different divisions and countries. Be part of this team of 4,400 highly enthusiastic colleagues.


Tractebel offers you a high level of flexibility. You can work at the office, on-site or even from home, depending on your specific situation. Together, we will examine your needs and job requirements to find a solution that suits you.

We offer competitive reward packages that are among the best in your local employment market.


If you choose to work at one of the many offices of Tractebel all over the world, you will help us strengthen our global reach. You can find an overview of our regional offices here.