Globally, the energy environment is in constant and fast evolution. Our energy-generating clients and large energy consumers (industry, rail transport) are facing the dilemma of soaring global energy demand and the need to preserve precarious resources.

Energy efficiency is therefore the new buzz word. Many governments and companies today are rethinking their power plant designs and fuel sources. Consequently, our goal is to achieve a sustainable energy solution that meets both our client’s needs and the environment’s, well into the long term.

Tractebel Engineering answers these needs by creating a broad portfolio of renewable energy solutions for tomorrow. With our international and multidisciplinary team we support our clients in their renewable energy projects worldwide.

From pre-design to commissioning, including renewable resources assessment, permitting, engineering studies, procurement, to follow-up of the construction and management, we offer the services of experienced consultancy and engineering professionals capable of imagining, designing and implementing the solution that matches your requirements and constraints, and achieves your key objectives.

Together, we are engineering a sustainable future.

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