As the fundamental link in the delivery of power from centralised generation sites to end customers, fast changing transmission & distribution infrastructure presents as many challenges as opportunities. Delivering professional project management skills, we will help you ensure the long-term adequacy of your power system infrastructure, secure your power delivery and help to protect your investment budget. Independent of manufacturers, with our vast knowledge and experience of component technology, we can accompany you throughout the whole life cycle of your installation and provide advice on how to combine equipment in the best interests of achieving your goals.

  • Conventional AIS & GIS substations – EHV substations

Meeting the power needs of major Power Generation companies and Transmission System Operators, we have extensive experience in providing power station grid connections.

Our expertise starts from concept feasibility to full design implementation to meet the HV sub-station needs. Our services extend to achieving main internal distribution for high energy consuming industries too.

  • Overhead HV Lines

Engineering for transmission & distribution infrastructure is a longstanding activity for us. No matter how complex your needs, you will have proven expertise at your service. In Europe, many grids were originally built up to 60 years ago, so while regulations limit HV overhead line extensions there is massive need for their cost-efficient upgrade. Internationally, our involvement in master plan projects continues to result in 1000 km’s of new HV overhead lines every year. In either case, independent of the complexity of the project, we can show proven expertise.

  • Undersea – Underground Cables

Whether for local grid extension, private industrial connection, or offshore power generation and transmission including inter-array cable optimization, we can provide you with an excellent overview of the possibilities and solutions available to you in connections using underground and undersea cabling.

  • Offshore HV systems

Our expertise, meanwhile developed in different offshore projects, includes the electrical design for offshore wind parks, starting from the offshore Wind Turbine generators and extends to the first connection with the Transmission Systems Operator or onshore power grid. The central element is the electrical design of the offshore substation/s, completely managed by our experienced team of experts.

  • HVDC

Drawing on vast international experience in HVDC converter stations, transmission lines and underground cables we can provide all the assistance you need; from the feasibility study through to commissioning.

 Industrial Networks an grid connection

Integral to our service to private industrial customers, we have the knowhow needed to set up entire incoming and internal network concepts.

Designed according to your specific industrial performance capacity and reliability requirements, we define a solution that achieves the balance between your energy needs and the technical limitations of available equipment and your existing or new infrastructure.

  • Protective Systems

Protective systems are essential to instantly isolate faults to prevent total system collapse. Our own developed tools will quickly review and correct your relay settings.

  • Asset Management

Our past experience and vast knowledge of complete system operations and different global system philosophies allow us to more effectively audit your system for weakness. And if there is a problem, we definitely can help solve it too.

  • Testing & commissioning

Our fully equipped, skilled engineers have already put into service many systems in different configurations. In many cases it has been proven that this is considered as a true added value for the customer.