Tractebel favours an integrated, multidisciplinary approach. In close collaboration with architects and our customers, we develop buildings that are conceived to satisfy  their current and future requirements. We focus on the complete lifecycle: building and operating costs, energy consumption, as well as recycling at the end of the installations’ lifecycle. This approach complies with the most stringent regulatory and environmental provisions. We support our customers when they apply for certification for BREEAM and HQE, environmental impact measurement  amongst other things. 

Our wide range of highly specialised skills allows us  to implement and optimise integrated global approaches that range from cross-disciplinary environmental considerations, bio-climate designs, energy master plans, approaches focusing on acoustics and vibration, evacuation scenarios and fire engineering, district heating networks, security and intrusion prevention, complex structures to geotechnics primarily. 

Particular attention is given to optimising energy consumption and deploying the most suitable, green production resources (geothermal energy, heat pumps etc.).