offices_public_buildings_general_slider_01Public buildings – mainly schools and cultural centres –, whether new or due for renovation, have substantial requirements. They need to play a key role in the current public sector and demographic challenges: schools, universities, museums, prisons, police stations, court houses, congress centres etc.

Regardless of the type of project, a straightforward project development assignment or a public-private design implementation partnership, we will adapt our approach through close cooperation with the architect, customer, contracting authority, operators etc.

Modern offices need to meet stringent requirements in terms of flexibility and modularity, as well as of environmental, energy and operating performance. New office buildings and buildings due for renovation: we are constantly consulting our customers about how best to meet their requirements.

We give particular attention on the building’s technical flexibility, with the aim of possibly reclassifying its use at a later date. Therefore, the building’s use as an office or for housing is not mutually exclusive.