• Energy audits
  • Mandatory energy audits (EE Directive 2012/27/EU)
  • Support in decision-making
  • Technical due diligence
  • Implementation

When carrying out audits and due diligence missions, Tractebel attaches great importance to the quality of the information collected. To this end, we use tools which are suited to each specific situation (document and data analysis, visits, measurement tools, interviews). These stages are vital when conducting reliable and relevant analyses. Our experience in the field and our modelling capabilities enable us to recommend improvements based on sound figures and solid arguments. Our work covers construction, technical installations (HVAC, ECS, lighting etc.), operations (maintenance, behaviour, management) and renewable energy sources. Recommendations are prioritised, and we consult with the customer on producing scenarios appropriate to his organisation, objectives and resources.

Tractebel then has all the skills and experience to accompany the commissioning customer up until the solutions are implemented. We are therefore able to guarantee implementation within budget constraints and to the performance levels required.

Tractebel is certified for mandatory energy audits (Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU) in France and Belgium.