• Assessing the certification feasibility
  • Implementing the procedure
  • Providing support for certification

When designing sustainable buildings, a targeted approach needs to be adopted. Thus, the main focus must be on minimum energy consumption, the use of sustainable technologies and the social aspects of sustainability. Providing certification is vital. This beneficial approach also allows companies to demonstrate their sustainable development ambitions. Tractebel is a reference partner who can offer a broad range of certification options for both construction and operation projects (e.g. PEB, BREEAM, LEED, HQE, VALIDEO, PHPP etc.).

Certification: a beneficial procedure
For certification to be beneficial, a rigorous, appropriate and transparent procedure need to be strictly observed. Tractebel takes on responsibility for the actual procedure and for its implementation, as well as for the technical assessments required at each stage in the various areas: energy, thermal comfort, visual comfort, acoustics, materials, waste, water management etc.

Certification: added value
Certification is a means of attributing value to the work that has been done and of gaining recognition for it from customers and the market. Tractebel supports you in every step of the way in obtaining certificates. Clearly, this is where interaction between the commissioning customer, the architect, the expert engineers and service providers plays a crucial role.