Environmental acoustics focuses on controlling and restraining the impact of noise on the environment, caused by companies, leisure facilities, the infrastructure (rail, road and air traffic), labor (construction site) or neighbours. Companies must comply with the conditions applicable in the relevant region, as stipulated by environmental legislation, as well as other noise-related conditions.

Studies carried out cover environmental impact assessments, VLAREM II acoustic survey, industrial noise, workplace noise, aircraft noise under the Brussels Ordinance, industrial and neighbourhood noise, noise reduction, railway noise, road traffic noise, music noise, leisure facilities (shooting ranges, karting etc.), noise zoning, inspection of sound-level meters etc.

Tractebel Engineering Acoustics and Dynamics is certified as a laboratory and environmental expert in sound and vibration issues throughout the whole of Belgium (Flemisch, Brussels and Walloon region) for monitoring and endeavouring of regional legislation. Thereby, a distinction is made between limited and full acoustical studies, as well as between an existing and new situation. Within companies, the regulations protecting employees’ health (regulations passed by Royal Decree) must be observed and, if necessary, sanitation is required. Those sanitation surveys recommend solutions which are implemented at the source, via the transmission path or at the receiver. A distinction is made between active and passive measures. Simulation calculations may predict the impact of improvement measures.

Noise maps are created for large industrial sites. This is done based on grid measurements in situ or calculations based on the knowledge of the acoustic source power. Noise maps are created at regional and town level for rail, road and air traffic, ranging from small to large traffic networks. The noise calculations are performed using the standard calculation methods. Large-scale maps are created with the help of carrying out extensive GIS pre- and post-processing of the data.

Being a certified EIA expert, Tractebel Engineering has been involved in producing Environmental Impact Assessments(EIAs) for several large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects.