sewerage_drainage_systems_general_slider_01Integral water management is key when implementing projects, Tractebel Engineering supports its customers in every aspect that comes up as part of this: from developing an inventory of existing sewer systems to modelling new ones. Using most advanced software we cansimulate the impact that draining waste- and rainwater might have on the project area. Based on these results, we then make suitable adjustments and define a concept.

Next, we can also develop the whole technical design of the sewer systems, including pump stations or open or closed buffer basins. With our integrated 3D design, we can visualise possible problems with other underground structures or utility networks, both during the design and constructingphases.

Tractebel Engineering also designs large and smaller sewage purification plants. Thus, we contribute to the social objective of have pure water back again inour watercourses. Also on the best way to manage existing sewer systems we can offer precious advice. The added value we provide comes from the inventory we make of shortcomings, drawing up a list of priorities and selecting the appropriate production methods.