dismantling_general_slider_01Tractebel Engineering is one of the few companies of consultant engineers specialising in the removal of asbestos from factories. Our services include:

  • Detecting, recording and supervising the removal of potentially hazardous materials (such as asbestos, ceramic fibres, gas and oil residues)
  • Carrying out feasibility studies and cost and timeframe analyses. Thanks to the experience we have acquired, we can provide a range of prices for demolition work, removal and/or sorting and recovery of materials to be resold. As some dismantling operations may produce negative costs, we endeavour to achieve the maximum value for the dismantled installation.
  • Providing information on using the most appropriate demolition methods (dynamiting, nibbling etc.), taking into account the installation’s surrounding area, in particular, installations still in operation, gas pipelines, electrical lines and other networks.
  • Defining the most suitable phases for dismantling, with guidance from our experts in structural stability.

Sustainable development is one of Tractebel Engineering’s priorities. We integrate this factor into our restoration studies, exploring every option for recycling the materials.