Policy-makers want to use major infrastructure projects to give a dynamic boost to their city or region. However, the social and economic benefits derived from an infrastructure project are never equally shared around within a community. This means that it is crucial to generate broad public acceptance for a project.

Implementation of an infrastructure project is the final step in a long process of studies, analyses, briefings and evaluations. Empowered citizens, action groups and industrial stakeholders take a critical look at the pros and cons of a project which affects their social context. They need to be consulted, which makes the decision-making process complex and time-consuming.

Managing this kind of complexity nowadays is a task developers and public authorities no longer organise themselves. This is why Tractebel has a dedicated team of economists, social scientists and lawyers available, who can make sure that not a single social aspect of your project is overlooked. By carrying out an in-depth analysis of a project, weighing up the options and involving all the stakeholders, we are helping policy-makers to do what they are best at: making socially beneficial choices.