We witness increasing flows of goods and people. Transport infrastructure managers are faced with new challenges. Tractebel Engineering can help them get transport to run more intelligently, safely, reliably and sustainably, while, at the same time, improving the general public’s quality of life.

Tractebel Engineering can take pride in acquiring a century of experience in transport engineering. We want to be involved as a partner in shaping the transport infrastructure for the world of tomorrow.

By providing suitable, smart and durable solutions for government and private partners, we are helping them achieve their mobility objectives cost-effectively.

Tractebel Engineering adopts an integrated, co-modal approach to transport issues.

  • We start by analysing the transport requirements from a social, economic and technical angle.
  • We then devise strategic plans, impact studies, cost/benefit analyses and feasibility studies.
  • We carry out the necessary engineering to develop suitable solutions offering added value, which lead to the actual construction and commissioning of the infrastructure project.
  • We assist the customer by monitoring its project.