bridges_general_slider_01Tractebel Engineering can provide expertise in designing both fixed and movable bridges. We have gained experience with projects involving pedestrian, road and rail bridges.

Bridges are always multidisciplinary, complex projects because of the impact they make and their location. Tractebel Engineering supports and examines bridge projects at every stage from concept to completion: cost estimate and cost/benefit analysis, requirements specification, test programmes and analysis, design and adaptation to the environment, design of surrounding infrastructure and public domain, dimensioning and stability calculations, controlling and equipping movable bridges, authorisation processes and support during execution.

Tractebel Engineering offers every area of expertise to design complex bridges completely in-house itself. We specialise in steel and concrete construction, road design, soil and rock mechanics, electromechanics, landscape architecture, mobility analysis, traffic safety and others.

Tractebel Engineering uses systems engineering principles to manage the design process.