mobility_general_slider_01To organise sustainable mobility a number of disciplines are called upon.. The areas of activity of our traffic management experts include town-planning, policy-making, traffic technology and traffic management design, multimodal transport models and operational micro-models. It involves an intensive process of interactions.

Tractebel Engineering’s experts are used to dealing with these various transport planning and policy-related aspects. Their insights, together with basic traffic management and technical conditions, allows Tractebel Engineering to offer the best mobility advice, tailored to the requirements of every customer, whether public authorities or private contracting authorities.

Here are some examples of the areas for which we can provide mobility advice :

  • Mobility management
  • Accessibility analyses
  • Mobility impact studies (EIA and Mobility Impact Assessments)
  • Design of public transport systems and networks
  • Urban and regional multimodal mobility plans
  • Conceptual design for logistical systems
  • Parking studies and static or dynamic parking signs
  • Signal and signpost plans
  • Targets and facility designs
  • Road and junction designs
  • Design for public transport nodes and multimodal transfer points
  • Impact management and better traffic flow
  • Urban, provincial and regional traffic models
  • Optimisation models for public transport systems
  • Impact forecast for spatial scenarios
  • Developing public transport nodes and junctions
  • Optimising urban networks