Tractebel Engineering has experience in designing rail and road tunnels, both in rock and soft or crumbly soil. We can offer expertise in constructing tunnels which are immersed, bored or created during excavation.

Due to their complexity, the construction of these tunnels is multidisciplinary. Tractebel Engineering supports and examines tunnel projects at every stage from concept to completion: cost estimate and cost/benefit analysis, drafting of specifications, environmental impact assessment, test programmes and analysis, risk analyses, fire safety studies, intervention plans, design of surrounding infrastructure and public domain, dimensioning and stability calculations, traffic management and electromagnetic equipment, authorisation processes and support during execution.

Tractebel Engineering offers every area of expertise to design tunnels completely in-house. We specialise in concrete construction, hydrodynamics and hydrogeology, geology, soil and rock mechanics, fire safety, electromechanics, landscape architecture, mobility analysis, traffic safety and others.

Tractebel Engineering uses systems engineering principles to manage the design process.