rivers_flood_protection_general_slide_01Managing river basins requires an integrated, sustainable approach based on extensive knowledge of hydrology and hydrodynamics. Tractebel Engineering can offer a broad range of services.

We use a wide range of hydraulic and hydrological river models to gain a better insight into how river systems behave so that we can devise measures to prevent flood damage. Civil protection services and water management authorities use these flood forecast systems to manage their own systems.

In order to compare various measures taken to prevent severe flooding, a reliable risk analysis needs to be carried out which takes into account the risk level and the consequences of the damage for nature, the infrastructure and the population. Tractebel Engineering also provides multi-criteria analyses, as well as social cost-benefit analyses to assess the envisaged measures.

Though water resources are not unlimited, they need nevertheless to satisfy ever-increasing social and economic needs. The natural water system makes a considerable contribution to protecting the environment. We develop tools and use digital models to manage water resources better and design all the infrastructures required to protect our country against flooding and help manage rivers, such as dikes, bank protection, breakwaters and barrages, retaining basins and controlled flooding basins.