Waterways are an essential component in any sustainable transport system. Most of them also fulfil an important ecological function and play a role in flooding risk protection.

Environmentally sound solutions for transport via water and flooding protection comprise:

  • scoping the work required to improve the navigability of rivers
  • restricting maintenance requirements
  • constructing controlled flood plains
  • protecting zones of exceptional ecological value in environmentally sensitive areas.

Tractebel Engineering carries out feasibility studies on improving the navigability of inland waterways. Our solutions integrate state-of-the-art technologies and use infrastructural intervention, navigation tools (ENC, AIS) and RIS (River Information Services).

Tractebel Engineering develops the infrastructure required to ensure that waterways operate as efficiently as possible: locks and barrages, dikes and bank protection. We also design port infrastructure features such as quay walls and jetties.

Our electromechanical experts provide an excellent option for handling installations. They closely cooperate with our civil engineering experts to propose a total solution. They select the best design and the most suitable electromechanical equipment for locks and flood risk protection, combining these installations, where possible, with hydroelectric power stations for sustainable energy.