• Period : From 1989 to 2007
  • Country : India, South Asia
  • Market : Energy, Hydropower Large Hydropower
  • Domain / Subdomain : As-built documentation, Conceptual & Basic design (FEED) Detailed Design Engineering Procurement Construction Contracting EXECUTION FEASIBILITY Owner’s or Lender’s Engineer Sustainable Development

NHPC assigned Tractebel Engineering as the Owner’s Engineer for the construction of the Dul Hasti dam and Hydroelectric Power Project, India’s first hydropower utility.

Dul Hasti is a 390 MW run-of-the-river scheme on the Chandra river, which is a tributary of the Chenab river. Eight states benefit from the plant’s power generation: Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chandigarh and Uttaranchal.

The Dul Hasti project’s technical features are:

  • A concrete dam (height: 70m, length: 190m)
  • A headrace tunnel with an 8.3 m diameter, 9.5km long
  • A desilting chamber with a 15m diameter, length: 2 x 180m
  • A tailrace tunnel with a 7.5m diameter, length: 410m
  • A 3 x 130 MW (390 MW) underground powerhouse with 3 Francis turbines (3 x 71 m³/s generators of 3 x 165 MVA (megavolt ampere)
  • A spillway with a discharge capacity of 8,000 m³/s by four gated bottom outlets and a free overspill (300 m³/s).

Tractebel Engineering was responsible for...

  • Review of the Basic design, including slope stability, remedial measures
  • The detailed design and specifications (civil and electromechanical works)
  • The (as-built) construction drawings
  • Construction management, including supervision of grouting tests

Thanks to our project management, NHPC, India’s first hydropower utility, could reach its objective: building one of the most important HPPs in India, thus allowing for an integrated and efficient power development.