• Period : From 2006 to 2011
  • Country : Americas, Venezuela
  • Market : Energy, Energy Management Environmental Consulting Hydropower Large Hydropower
  • Domain / Subdomain : As-built documentation, Conceptual & Basic design (FEED) Detailed Design EXECUTION FEASIBILITY Owner’s or Lender’s Engineer Risk Management & Safety Consulting Sustainable Development

Tractebel Engineering was assigned by Edelca to provide the power company with the technical assistance required to develop hydroelectric resources in the whole country.

Edelca produces more than 70% of Venezuela’s energy. Its power output is consumed mainly within the Caroni Basin in Bolivar State. The rest is transported around the country through 230kV and 400kV transmission lines.

Tractebel Engineering provides complete technical assistance and project management assistance during the construction of the 2,160 MW Tocoma Hydroelectric Power Project, and rehabilitation of the Guri (10,000 MW) and the Macagua (2,400 MW) Hydroelectric Power Plants (HPPs). We also provided assistance for studies of new hydropower projects, from the Pre-feasibility to the Detailed design stage.

Technical details for the Tocoma project:

  • 2,160 MW outdoor power plant (10 units)
  • Concrete dam (H = 75m, L = 360m, V = 1Mm³)
  • Spillway (capacity = 30,000m³/s, valve)
  • Concrete Faced Rockfill dam (H = 55m, L = 3,800m, V = 5Mm³)
  • Rockfill dam (H = 55m, L = 1,800m, V = 8Mm³)
  • Refurbishment for a higher power output (power uprate from 384 MW to 462 MW rated and 498 MW maximum capacity)

Within the Tocoma project, Tractebel Engineering provides the following services:

  • Tender design review
  • Drafting of tender documents
  • Tenders analysis
  • Assistance with construction supervision & implementation of the Environmental Management Plan

For the Guri & Macagua schemes we are involved in all phases of the project.

The first Tocoma HPP units are to enter operation in 2012. The other nine units will follow suit systematically every three months. The power will go to the western regions of the country, which historically suffer from a supply deficit.

Tractebel Engineering has the resources to mobilise a large staff that matches the large project scope. Our excellent project management skills guarantee a qualitative service.